Colors can be Ferocious

Wall colors and paintings play an important role in enhancing your luck or feel good factor, so it’s very important to know the basic zones or directions inside your house. Use your smart compass and get started.

Now for instance in South, the zone of ‘Fame’ paintings or shades of Red, Orange or Green are very favorable as they nurture the element of Fire, where as Blue, White or Black which represents Water are unfavorable as a background for this area because they clashes with the Fire element thus it generally leads to unnecessary arguments or difference of opinion in short it does not augur well, in some cases people may be taking behind your back not on your face.

For North zone which hosts the element of Water a wavy design in blue and green or paintings of similar color is found to be extremely beneficial , these look best against a white or similar background. The clash with warm color in this zone may lead to a friction or hurdles in the flow of finances.

West as a zone can generally be energized with the help of metallic colors like Silver, Golden or Grey. Here again you should avoid warm colors such as Orange, Red and Purple. Green too is not very favored so be careful as there is a lot of gain and prosperity at stake which accrues in this direction, hence advise to nurture it carefully. A painting in this zone representing your profession has been found to be extremely beneficial.

East is the zone of aspirations and inspirations which we all get from the rising Sun, hence, its corresponding colors can do wonders. Here Yellow and Green have found to be very favorable.

Try and benefit from the correct use of directional colors.

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The Zoning Effect

Are all zones favorable for everyone? No, it’s not possible; can the same diet be suitable for all? Depending upon your constitution/activity you choose your diet, likewise depending on the nature of your profession you choose your best zone.

A 1500 calorie diet is recommended by Doctors but what about an athlete who’s a weight lifter- for him that’s insufficient. In my opinion it’s the activity or profession that generally determines suitable diet/zones for you.

As an example – for people in Finance/Investment Banking/Equity Market North is found to be favorable. Similarly for those in Marketing/Sales/PR/Networking/Event Management North West produces good results. South west has proven to be good for those in HOD/Production/Manufacturing. Likewise South East nurtures Creativity whereas East is very inspiring and is always recommended for Training and so on. South is favorable for R&D while Joint Ventures and Acquisitions in the West can do wonders and the Think Tank should be the in North East.

Over the years I have observed that if the placement of various departments is in concurrence to the above one finds greater harmony and peace among the employees along with the Organic growth of the organization.

Hence zoning is strongly recommended.

Does every action have a similar reaction?

As Newton said every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Most of the time we are either acting or reacting to a situation in our day to day life. Very often there is a major difference between our thoughts , our speech and the resultant actions. In reality these three put together constitutes ACTION or KARMA. How often have you done a good deed and received an opposite or unexpected reaction, from our experience in such case speech and thought were not in sync with the action.

It is extremely rare for all these three things to be in unison at all times. Having said that a lot of subtle factors also contribute towards our action/reaction especially the stimulus we pick up from our surroundings and react to them unconsciously. What we see, hear or smell regularly we automatically start reacting to them and over a period of time it can lead to disarray in our lives.

How often are we in a situation where we think of something say something totally different and act at a tangent? Sounds familiar!! Well its time to acknowledge role of our environment in our lives.

In lieu of the above it is recommended not to hang paintings depicting war, crime, agony, distress or discomfort of any sort, secondly avoid storing objects that give you bad vibration and finally avoid using broken or chipped crockery- especially teacups and glasses.

Do share your experiences with us.

Rash Driving…?

The way you drive your car is also how you drive your life. While driving you engage low to high gears with increasing speed and when the speed to gear ratio is not maintained the drive gets rough and bumpy. In life we need to change gears just as smoothly as we do in our vehicle, the changing of gears in life is understanding and acceptance of the present while increasing or reducing the speed.

Very often we are adamant about our views, ignoring the opinion or feelings of others around us. It’s like refusing to change the gear on a congested road.
When you feel your life’s journey is becoming unpleasant take a drive around your house and make sure your bedroom is not above the kitchen and is not in the east of south east direction. There is no toilet below the staircase, your bed does not have doors on either sides and you do not sleep under a beam or a cutting edge of a false ceiling.

For the above terrain it is suggested to shift the bed a little and make sure it’s not above the burner in case your bedroom is above the kitchen. Use hues of green in the washroom to subdue the effect if it’s under the staircase. Make sure your bed is not aligned to the doors or the false ceiling in the third and fourth scenario.

Do share your views in case of any unpleasant experience.

Deadly Directions

More often than not we get carried away by myths. You probably would have come across East as the direction for inspiration, North for wealth, West is equated to retirement as the sunsets in that direction and the South is suppose to be the direction of Yama or Lord of Death.

A lot of fear has been instilled by this myth in people and they have either shifted their entrances from south to north or have changed residences where this shift was not possible. Some have gone to the extent of bringing down there whole building because it was facing south.It is an irrational advice that they follow because if south means death then which direction offers immortality? A simple solution of putting a red foot-mat at a South facing entrance mitigates most of the ill effects.

A lot of people believe that West is also an unfavorable direction as it has a tendency to cause delays and increase expenditure therefore they focus only on house with a North or East facing entrance. Placing a bronze statue at a west facing entrance brings in good energies.

All directions are a gift of nature and we should know how to harness the energies fruitfully.

Reversing the Bio Rhythm

Black is a good absorber and a good radiator of heat. It absorbs a lot of light as well, there by depleting us of our energies. As have been proven by science, black holes are areas on the earth and in the universe which absorbs anything that comes within its range.

In sync with this can you guess what happens when we have excessive dark areas in our homes?
The above principles set in and we also get depleted of our energies, becoming depressed or falling sick ,this is a phenomenon that I have observed in over a dozen homes.
I personally feel your house must always be properly lit especially the entrances and the passages.

As is well known children are always afraid of the dark. As an adult darkness sets in fear and nervousness. During summers it is not essential that your house be very brightly lit, a humble 3 watt LED is sufficient to get rid of the darkness.

I have frequently observed that a lot of homes are dark during the day and are lit up during the night to the brightest, I would like to point out that by doing so we are reversing the bio rhythm and inviting disturbances unknowingly, hence hampering the flow of energy in our homes, we hope you are not a victim of the above.

Your bedhead can play mischief

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Homes which are perpetually sickness ridden need special attention. It is often said sickness first sets in the mind then manifests in our body. To ensure a healthy body, we need a healthy mind for which sleep is the most important. How many hours a day do you sleep, generally 6-8 hrs are recommended.

If you cannot sleep for whatever reason, change the position of your head.
Ideally, adults should sleep with their head towards south and children towards east. West is a stand by and north is generally not recommended because with our experience if you sleep with your head towards north you are likely to face blood related disorders like blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

Secondly, make sure you do not keep junk under your bed and finally, you must have proper ventilation and light in all rooms of your house.

Do share your experiences with us about the direction of your bedhead.